Transformers 3: Megan Fox out

The Transformers series has just been a couple of blah movies. Shia LeBouf has just been nothing but a douche and the typical Michael Bay formula of blowing the world to bits had grown tired of it.

Honestly, the only reason for me to have watched both movies was the warm-blooded male in me that appreciated all those memorable Megan Fox scenes. Let’s face it, she’s hot. Never mind the slut-face and piss-poor acting. She’s damn hot.

Anyway, she won’t be in the next installment of the series with reports of her obsessive-compulsiveness and Bay’s directing style in conflict. Though Fox was reported to have claimed that she doesn’t want to get tan for the role in fear of skin cancer.

The good news is that Transformers 3 will push through and replacing Fox will be another certified hottie – Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I’m sure it’d get tedious blogging about her thanks to her compounded surname but it’s worth it.

We can all just hope she can lend just a bit more than a slender hot bod for eye candy in the next movie.