Video: Iron Man 2 game behind the scenes

I’m not really into video games that accompany movie releases since they almost always suck. They’re hastily developed, buggy, and basically bastardizes the movie. So if the movie sucked, then

Case in point is the Iron Man video game. The movie was really awesome for a superhero movie so if the game was just half as good then it might have been palatable. But it wasn’t. I’d probably say that it’s twice as horrible as the movie was awesome.

Anyway, here’s a behind the scenes look at the new video game to accompany Iron Man 2. The game features an all-new story from Matt Fraction. Developers from SEGA claim that this iteration’s better than the first one with destructible environments and a new rogue’s gallery.

Now I’ve played some really good games in my time as a video game junkie but this game might be eye candy but great games are often made with the game in focus and not just something to “expand” franchise merchandise.