Call of Duty: Black Ops bugs

I’ve been a huge fan of the franchise but the latest Call of Duty (Call of Duty: Black Ops) is surely a huge disappointment.

The game may have made some huge dough (selling 7 million copies in just 24 hours) but it sure made plenty of gamer pretty angry with all the bugs that came with it.

Gamers on all platforms suffered from connection and spawning issues in multiplayer and graphics stuttering despite high-end configurations.

Personally, I found the campaign a tad too short and less gripping compared to Modern Warfare 2. The game is set in the cold war era. Bonus features include controlling JFK fighting off zombies in the White House.

The game features some awesome voice talents in the persons of Sam Worthington, Gary Oldman (reprising his role as Reznov), Ed Harris and Ice Cube.